New Cafes Spottings-Telok Ayer/Shenton

With the recent bloom of new cafes in the Telok Ayer/Shenton area, office crowds are spoilt for choices when it comes to cafes to get their caffeine fixes. We went about exploring some of this new coffee hunts and here are some of our discoveries.

1. Stamping Ground Coffee:

A coffee kiosk located in a quiet corner of Club Street, Ann Siang/Duxton district. One might easily miss out on it if not for the aid of googlemap in locating this tiny hole-in-wall kiosk. Having been in operation for about 2 months, Charlene, the barista shared with us, the concept of the coffee kiosk aims to provide convenience to provide the workers nearby with quick coffee fix. Though the space is relative small, it is well-equipped with the necessary coffee brewing equipments. The shop offers a simplistic menu, serving both hot espresso based drinks & cold brew. Sandwiches & pastries are also available for those looking for something to munch on. We ordered the white cold brew (S$7) which comes in a nice brown glass bottle, ideal for a keepsake (^^). The taste was more milky than coffee, and has a lingering taste of fruity, acidic note in it, which may be due to the presence of Ethopian beans in the blend.

Photo Credits: Mark A.T

Photo Credits: Mark A.T

A compact espresso machine brewing all the shots.

A compact espresso machine brewing all the shots.

*Nom Noms* to go with the coffee... Photo Credits: Mark A.T

*Nom Noms* to go with the coffee…
Photo Credits: Mark A.T

  1. Grain Traders:

Newest kid in the block, having been opened for barely half a month, Grain Traders at the CapitaGreen building. The cold brew white has a smooth creamy mouthfeel, with a caramel aroma combining with note of chocolate tasting beans in the main body, making it very addicitive to drink. As for the latte, the beans has a full body yet acidic taste combined with well-steamed milk makes it smooth to drink. As it was jus opened for only a few days when we visited, there were not much bites options avaliable. Hope to return again someday to try out their menu when it’s more ready! (^^)

Grain Traders-Newest Cafe to Shenton.

Grain Traders-Newest Cafe to Shenton.


Grain Traders Coffee Menu

Grain Traders Coffee Menu


Grain Traders' Cold Brew Coffee- An Addictive Drink (^^,)

Grain Traders’ Cold Brew Coffee- An Addictive Drink (^^,)-Photo Credits: Mark A.T

  1. Delicius Pasticceria:

Our final stop for the day, Delicius Pasticceria, a well-established Osaka bakery which has chosen to open it’s first overseas branch in Singapore. It serves a great variety of Japanese pastries that are too scrumptious for words! *Drools* =P

Delicius Pasticceria- A Cosy Japanese Cafe located in a quiet corner Lau Pat Sat

Delicius Pasticceria- A Cosy Japanese Cafe located in a quiet corner Lau Pat Sat


Cosy Ambience of the Cafe…


Great Varieties of Delicious Looking Japanese Sweets!!! (^o^)/


Delicius 3

Chestnut Tart


The chestnut tart comes with a fluffy textured mousse which is not too heavy, lingering of nutty aroma. The cream has a strong milky flavour that melts well in the mouth. However the ice green tea latte tasted abit diluted, could have been more generous with serve of matcha powder .

Delicius 4

Monteilmar-Honey Mousse Pastry Decorated with A Kawaii Little Bee… (^^,)


Monteilmar-each bite brings about a mouthful of almonds flavour, with flaky pastry crunching in one’s mouth. Taste is a little bit on the sweet side. Will recommend this pastry to those who prefer more bites & texture in their desserts.

Delicius 5

Le Cassis-Blackcurrant Cake With A Smiley Macaron

Le Cassis- is a blackcurrant cake, moist with a deep fruity note. The ice chocolate drink tasted a tad too sweet. I guess will just focus on trying out their sweets only next time.

Considering the price range, the cakes are pretty affordable for a relaxing afternoon teabreak. Additionally the cafe has a nice cosy ambience,with the plus point of being conveniently located at Lau Pat Sat . And I personally like how they tried to balance off the richness of the sweets with fruits served along the side, at the same time making it healthier.Worth making one head back again! (^^)